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Digital Dental X-Ray

A digital dental X-ray may be performed in two different ways, extraoral and intraoral. Intraoral X-rays are the most common because they tend to produce high detail and give a clear view of the teeth.

There are numerous advantages of a digital dental X-ray, such as:

  • To find hidden decay that may be developing underneath an existing filling
  • To find cracks or damage in an existing filling
  • To alert the dentist to possible bone loss
  • To reveal potential problems in the root canal
  • To help your dentist prepare the placement of dental implants, dentures or other dental work
  • To reveal other abnormalities

At The Kodish Group, we provide the best in X-ray services available for our patient’s, the Intraoral X-ray. This type of X-ray is one of the newest and most effective techniques available and provides images in an exacting detail of the patients dentistry. The greatest advantage of this X-ray is in the safety that it provides to the patient because it delivers 75% less radiation than that of a standard X-ray.

Are you in need of dental office that provides the latest in digital dental X-ray procedures? Contact The Kodish Group today and schedule your appointment to have your digital dental X-ray performed.