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Intraoral Air Abrasion in Fort Lauderdale

Imagine having a tooth repaired with drill-free intraoral air abrasion. Yes, drill free and needle free! The air stream consists of a system much like a miniature air- sander. Instead of using needles and drills, a gentle high-speed air stream of air-blown microscopic particles that remove decay from the tooth is used.

Some of the features of the procedure are listed below:

  • No heat
  • No vibrations
  • Cleans out decay in small pockets
  • And many times, no numbing is needed

Some other benefits to the patient is that there is a little or no need for a local anesthetic, less exposure to drilling and therefore less pain. Moreover, since there is less physical healing time from the procedure, patients are able, and typically more willing, to return for follow up procedures.

Do you want a painless intraoral air abrasion procedure done for you? Contact The Kodish Group and schedule an appointment to have an intraoral air abrasion procedure done today!