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Plate Form Dental Implants in Fort Lauderdale

Another type of dental tooth implant is the formed plate tooth implant. This kind of dental implant is perfect when the jawbone is not wide enough to properly maintain a root implant.

The two other common dental tooth implant procedures are:

Unlike the endosteal root implant, the plate form is long and thin; and anchors into thin jawbones alone. The jawbone firmly attaches itself to the dental implant during the osseointegration stage, which lasts anywhere from three to eight months.

Once the osseointegration stage is complete, the dental implant can then be fitted with the new tooth. In some cases, the plate form implant is immediately fitted with the new tooth.

Where to begin?

You can start today in our Fort Lauderdale office by asking your dentist if you might be a candidate for implants. Your dentist will be happy to answer any questions you may have about implantology. As an active member of the ICOI, he/she is well informed and dedicated to the highest level of professional care

Would you like to have a highly skilled dentist perform your formed plate tooth implant surgery? Contact The Kodish Group to scheduled an appointment for a formed plate tooth implant today!