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Waterlase Dental Laser in Fort Lauderdale

Our office is now equipped with the latest in modern dental technology: the Waterlase dental laser. Unlike traditional dental drills, Waterlase technology does not use heat or vibrations, which are the source of discomfort for many patients. Waterlase combines focused light energy with a stream of water to deliver comfortable, efficient hard and soft tissue treatments. In our office, we use the Waterlase to remove decay, prepare teeth for fillings, perform root canals and bone grafts, and for periodontal therapy.

Benefits of the Waterlase dental laser include:

  • No heat and less vibration than with drilling
  • No bleeding or sutures (stitches)
  • No anesthesia required in most cases
  • No or minimal recovery time
  • Pinpoint accuracy, which prevents damage to surrounding tissues

We are dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date dental care. With the Waterlase dental laser, we do just that. The traditional drill may still be used in some cases, but for most, the Waterlase offers unprecedented comfort and efficiency.

Would you like your dental work performed comfortably and efficiently with the Waterlase dental laser? Contact The Kodish Group today and schedule an appointment.