Dental Implants Dentist

Looking For a Dentist in Fort Lauderdale To Get a Dental Implant Done Expertly, That Matches Your Teeth, Fits Correctly, is Affordable and Will Last a Long Time?

Why Choose Dr Kodish?

  • Highly Rated and Reviewed – Scroll down this page to see our reviews.
  • Convenient Location – Easy to get to downtown Fort Lauderdale office.
  • Experienced – Over 30 years experience and one of the first dentists in Broward to do dental implants.
  • Latest Technology – Advanced 3-D Digital low radiation x-rays that is also more accurate than past machines Great for precise positioning of Dental Implants and other procedures.
  • Insurance and Financing Options Available – Most Dental Insurance Accepted and Care Credit financing is available for those who qualify.
  • Sedation Available – Several sedation options are available for a more relaxing and comfortable experience.

Why Dental Implants?

  • They avoid gum recession and bone loss which often happens with traditional bridges and with denture use.
  • They’re silent so there are no clicking noises.
  • They are stationary so they can’t be lost, broken or need cleaning.
  • They are durable and very reliable.
  • They preserve bone health by substituting for the missing root, thus providing the mass to help the bone retain its natural size.
  • They do not have restrictions with eating particular foods, as dentures may.
  • They can last a very long time.


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