Everything About Dental Implants in Fort Lauderdale

Posted: October 28, 2016

Everything About Dental Implants in Fort Lauderdale

Whenever you walk down the Las Olas Boulevard, there is always a particular piece of art that catches your eye. It makes you wonder how the artist was able to make paint do that. They look at the same world you do every day, yet somehow they were able to pull this beautiful image out of it. You want to ask them about it, but you hesitate. Your missing teeth make these types of social exchanges awkward for you. You feel like they won’t even hear what you are saying. Dental implants in Fort Lauderdale can help bring your smile and confidence back. Here’s everything you need to know about dental implants from Dr. Gary Kodish.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants hold the distinction of being the only procedure that can replace both parts of a missing tooth: the root and the crown. The new root is the key to the implant’s effectiveness. Not only does it provide your new tooth with a steady, secure base, but it also stimulates blood flow to the surrounding area. It is able to do this because it is made of the strong and durable metal, titanium. This titanium is bio-compatible with the human body, meaning that it naturally bonds with your jawbone once it has been placed. The body naturally senses the root and sends blood to supply it. This can help prevent and even reverse the jaw atrophy that is common after tooth loss. The implant is then topped with a porcelain crown, which can make your new tooth aesthetically beautiful and functionally strong for years to come.

The Benefits

Dental implants are not only the most complete way to replace your missing teeth but the most reliable as well, having a 98% success rate. They can also be used in a variety of ways, as they can replace a single tooth, support a bridge, or anchor a set of dentures. Dental implants give you the complete functionality of your teeth back. Patients typically have more bite force than with traditional bridges or dentures, meaning they do not have to change their diet. They also serve to make your smile beautiful and restore your lost confidence. A bright smile can do wonders for someone’s sense of self-worth, and dental implants are one of the most consistent ways to help it.

What is the Procedure Like?

The first step to getting dental implants is to visit your dentist in Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Kodish. He will evaluate you for factors such as the density of your jawbone, the presence of gum disease, and your overall health to see if you are a good candidate for dental implants. If you are, the procedure involves 3 basic steps:

  • Your new root will be implanted into your jawbone via an incision in your gums.
  • You will be given 3-6 months to heal, as well as allow the root to bond to your jaw.
  • Upon your final visit, Dr. Kodish will place your new porcelain crown.

The first part of the procedure involves minor surgery, but can typically be completed with the only local anesthetic. The healing time for the surgery is minimal, and the 3-6 period is mostly to allow the root to form a strong bond with your jawbone. Once you have the crown installed, you will have very little sensation in the implant itself, but it will look and function just like a natural tooth.

Want To Know More?

If you have any questions regarding dental implants or the process to get them, please call us today. We want to help bring your smile back so you can go through life smiling confidently, so be sure to come to see us and ask about what dental implants can do for you.


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