What Dental Occlusion is and Why it is Important to Your Oral Health

Posted: January 21, 2020

What Dental Occlusion is and Why it is Important to Your Oral Health

Dental Occlusion

Is your bite appropriately aligned? Are you seeking treatment for a dental occlusion issue? Occlusion is the relationship your upper (maxillary) and lower (mandibular) teeth have with one another. Dental occlusion is the position of your teeth when your jaw is closed and the way your teeth meet when you bite them together. Your occlusion is considered to be unbalanced if your teeth do not come in contact with each other simultaneously and with little force.

Dr. Kodish uses innovative diagnostic technology to analyze a patient’s dental occlusion. We use a straightforward and simple exam where the patient bites down on a thin sensor shaped to fit comfortably in the arch of their mouth.  We can immediately see graphic displays showing tooth contact data with each tooth highlighted and showing the amount of force on each tooth during occlusion. Our dental group can see which teeth touch first and how long they remain in contact.

The images can help us know if your bite is misaligned and if there are occlusion issues. The information this scanner provides helps us develop an effective treatment plan to alter and align your bite if necessary. 

Poor Occlusion or a Bite Alignment Can Result in:

  • Damaged crowns or bridges;
  • Excessive force on implants; 
  • Loosening of teeth; 
  • Receding gums;
  • Bruxism; clicking, clenching, or grinding in your jaw joints; 
  • TMJ symptoms;
  • Flattened or worn teeth; 
  • Tooth sensitivity.
  • Tooth chips or cracks; 
  • Headaches.

Dental occlusion is essential to one’s oral health, and health in general.

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The Kodish Group

Dr. Kodish is an established dentist who can test your occlusion and offer a solution if there is a problem.. We help you and your family remain cavity and gum disease-free. Contact The Kodish Group and schedule an appointment to have a smile makeover today! Dental insurance plans vary. The Kodish Group offers financing. 

The Kodish Dental Group 

For over thirty years, Dr. Kodish has been helping patients dramatically improve their oral health through his caring, quality approach to dental care. As one of the nation’s top-rated cosmetic dentists, he’s able to create amazing results that leaves patients with a new reason to smile! Please contact us at 954-462-5252 today to schedule your first appointment. Visit our website.


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