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As a professional in the educational field, I understand the importance of self-assurance and the remarkable power of one’s level of confidence. I have also learned what can happen if your self-esteem is suddenly shattered by tragedy. A few years ago, I lost my only child to suicide. There was no time to say goodbye… there was no hope that I would ever be able to wake up again without the crushing weight of guilt bearing down on me as a daily reminder of my incomprehensible loss.

In an effort for a fresh start and in hopes of healing, my husband and I picked up our lifetime roots and moved to a new state and a new city: New Orleans, Louisiana. We were there only a few months when Hurricane Katrina struck. The ensuing levee breaches took literally everything we owned and most of what mattered in our lives — our home, our friends, our jobs, and even our church.

I was rapidly running out of things to lose, including my sanity. My grief manifested itself in a bizarre physical behavior: I became a tooth-grinding, jaw-clenching bundle of nerves. In fact, over the course of two years, I had literally ground my once beautiful teeth into pathetic little nubs. They had become my battle scars. I could no longer bear to even glance at myself in the mirror; my debilitating nervous mannerism had begun to cripple my ability to eat, to speak clearly, to smile, to interact with others. I had hit rock bottom.

Following Katrina, we moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Shortly after we arrived, I read an advertisement in a local magazine for The Kodish Dental Group. In a desperate attempt to begin to help myself, I scheduled a dental consultation. Showing up for that appointment was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. In fact, I just crumbled and cried right there in the examining chair before I could even bear to open my mouth for Dr. Kodish!

Yet, it was a beginning. In fact, it was a life-changing beginning—a second chance that I never thought I could have. Cosmetic Dentistry is actually a misnomer. It brings to mind images of glamorous individuals whose only concerns are with their outside appearance and self-gratification. This field should really be known as Compassionate Dentistry. In the course of several months, I personally experienced what patience, perseverance, and true professionalism can bring about. My dental restoration has restored my dignity and self-confidence. I can proudly open my mouth once again without the visible reminders of how much I USED to hurt.

And that makes me smile!

Suzanne Brooks

I could not remember the last time that I felt like smiling. I went to Dr. Kodish for a free consultation when the jaw pain and headaches were more than I could stand each day. At first, I was concerned about the cost. I soon realized that my health-physical and emotional-was certainly worth it. I am so pleased with the results. The staff welcomed me at each appointment and made me so comfortable. There was always a “real” voice at the other end of the phone when I called about a problem. My appointments were conveniently scheduled around my work hours. Every day someone comments on my “beautiful smile”. My only question now is “Why did I wait so long?” The only answer is that I had not known about the Kodish Group J.P.