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Intraoral Digital Camera

The intraoral digital camera provides education to patients about their dental hygiene. The camera can provide a printed picture of the mouth and show the patient areas which need to be worked on. It also provide insurance companies with proof of needed treatment.

What are the benefits of using an intraoral dental camera?

  • High-power magnification and lighting
  • Superiority to the naked eye
  • Ability to educate patients with clear pictures
  • Provides visualization for diagnosis and critical treatment

Using the camera is fast, efficient and very effective, while at the same time being safe for the patient. The Kodish Group would be proud to provide the procedure and plan your dental treatment options with you.

Do you want to plan your dental treatment by using the Intraoral digital camera? Contact The Kodish Group today and schedule to plan your dental treatment with the intraoral digital camera today!