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Subperiosteal Dental Implants in Fort Lauderdale

The subperiosteal dental implant is performed when the jawbone has receded enough to no longer sustain a permanent implant. These implants are placed on top of the bone and embedded in the gums, unlike the other types of dental implants which are placed on the jawbone.

The two other common dental tooth implant procedures are:

From a created dental impression or a CAT scan of the gum line and jawbone, a lab can construct a custom fit implant to fit in the patients jaw. During the procedure this dental implant is inserted to lie on top of the jawbone. The gums then grow up and around the implant within the consecutive week.

Replacing several teeth

This is done in the same way as a single tooth, except that several dental implants are positioned, replacing several missing roots, and the crowns or bridgework are attached. Thus the dental implants support the bridge instead of the neighboring teeth having to do that.

Can dental implants replace ALL of my teeth?

Yes, in the same way they replace one or several. The only difference is, to put it simply, that more dental implants are used and more crowns attached to their abutments.

Bone Augmentation

Sometimes a person doesn’t have enough bone for dental implants to be positioned in. Causes of this could be injury, developmental defects, periodontal disease, or use of dentures. In many such cases, bone can be increased by grafting to generate new growth.

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